Neck Lift

One of the most affected areas due to perpetual aging process is undoubtedly the neck. Except for the eye area, we could say that the neck primarily betrays a woman’s age.

Why is the neck area considered to be a great issue in the history of aging?

The neck area (cervix in medical terminology) is one of the most exposed body parts and in general terms it can draw various comments. Neck is the supporting shaft of the head and since it joins the head with the trunk, it is characterized by great flexibility, allowing the head to turn and flex in all directions. For this reason, the skin in the neck area is very thin and elastic and because of its position constantly undergoes tension and relaxation forces allowing a high degree of bending, extension and turning of the head.

In the neck area beyond the skin that highly overlies and protects the noble tissues, where another formation with a particular anatomy and corresponding function is located.
This is the “muscular platysma”, a thin and wide muscle, which embraces and protects the cervix (neck) as a cloak.

Aging and gravity affect these tissues, skin and muscular plateaus, resulting in a wrinkled and loose neck, full of wrinkles and folds.

The excess skin may affect the self-esteem, especially if the neck has started to show signs of premature relaxation, sometimes even before the appearance of loosening of facial features. This problem is complex, concerning both the loosening of skin and of the muscular plateaus.

What exactly is the problem that appears in the neck area with age?

The first signs of neck aging usually appear at the age of forty and more often than not, deal with mild skin loosening under the chin.

The most classic image of neck aging includes skin thinning, advanced wrinkling and folding by the face movements, as a result of the combination of the muscular plateau loosening and the existence of excess skin in the neck area.

It is common that both sexes of middle or older age usually have four or six cords or muscular platysma in the neck area, as a result of thinning and excess skin but because of the muscular platysma loosening. Neck is on the one hand loosening with age and on the other hand, creates an excess of “loose soft molecules”, resulting in the losing of chin contour and the neck looking floppy and wrinkled.

However, it is worth mentioning that the neck appearance is not only affected by aging. Even in young age the excessive fat accumulation in the area under the chin may lead to the appearance of an unsightly double chin, known as “dewlap”.

What is the Neck Lifting?

The neck lifting is a choice treatment for the correction of the aged neck. The aim of lifting is to restore the tension of the muscles and reshape the neck contour, removing the excess of loosened skin.

How is the Neck Lifting performed?

Using two hidden sections of the ear lobules contour, which extend behind the ear, we stretch the muscular platysma that has been loosened. The treatment is facilitated by an endoscopic approach through a small 3cm incision just under the chin. Through this small incision using a flexible endoscope, we centrally bond together the muscle strips of muscular platysma. After the stretching of the muscular platysma is completed, by laterally fixing it and centrally bonding it, then the removal of excess skin follows through incisions around the ear lobules.

Avoiding the visible cuts in the exposed cervix surface, we attain a clear neck without any wrinkles and folds and totally free from unsightly loosening caused by aging.

What should we do when there is excessive fat in the neck area, the so called “double chin” or “dewlap”?

In case there is an excessive amount of fat in the neck area that alters the chin contour, the treatment of choice is liposuction. This treatment is usually performed under local anesthesia, so through a very fine cannula of 2 or 3 mm diameter the fatty tissue is removed and the neck contour is reshaped with high safety and precision.

The “double chin” is very often corrected solely by liposuction. In case of course that there is a great excess skin and loosening in the neck, which is often at older people, then we can provide a solution combining both the liposuction surgery with Neck Lifting.

It is impressive that the result of this treatment is definite and permanent, because the fat of the chin is removed by liposuction and cannot be accumulated there again.

What is the Neck Lifting treatment procedure?

The surgery is performed either under general anesthesia or neuroleptanalgesia (intoxication) combined with local anesthesia and its duration ranges from 1,5 to 3 hours depending on the extent of the problem.
Right after surgery, the cervical region is covered by an elastic bandage, so as to reduce edema which appears post-operatively.
The stay in the clinic lasts one or two days (for elder people or patients with relative health problems). Return to normal activities gradually begins after 2 to 3 days, but it is recommended that you avoid sports or vigorous physical activity for at least two to three weeks.
Sutures are gradually removed from the face. Most are usually removed after one week and some later than 10-12 days.
Full return to daily activities is expected in about three weeks.

Does the Neck Lifting treatment hurt?

Usually there is no pain or discomfort for the patient. Most patients feel a mild discomfort after surgery, due to tissue swelling, which significantly subsides within 24 to 48 hours. The total regression of swelling and some bruising is usually completed within one to two weeks.

The patient is encouraged from the first days post-surgically “not to be afraid of touching his/her new face” to freely wash, as well as to wear a light make-up and use a sunscreen for sun protection.

How does the neck look like after Neck Lifting?

At a first stage and for a 2 -3 months period after surgery, the face and neck area present a mild swelling, which slowly but steadily subsides. The lymphatic massage contributes to the quicker restoration of a natural image, which should be applied with upward movements from the chin to the sides of the face.

As time goes by, the image is getting more and more natural and fresher. The neck is relieved from the annoying and unsightly folds and wrinkles.

How long do the results of Neck Lifting last?

The final result of the Neck Lifting treatment is immediate, but the most impressive fact is that the result is permanent or long-term. If the excess skin and loosening of muscular plateau are properly removed and corrected, then we can achieve a very good neck image for at least 25-30 years.

What is the difference between Face Lifting and Neck Lifting?

Many a time have we seen people who have undergone Face Lifting, almost always wearing a handkerchief or scarf around their neck. An explanation to this could be that the Face lifting differs from Neck lifting.

Face Lifting helps us correct the loosening in cheeks and the angle of the lower jaw, while Neck Lifting corrects the skin loosening and the unsightly neck wrinkles. Both treatments are completely different and they should be combined and operated simultaneously, in order to have a harmonious and balanced result.

If Face Lifting is not performed at the same time with the Neck Lifting, then the result is a fresh,
renewed face that coexists with an aging, “wrinkled” throat, where most people tend to hide wearing e.g. a scarf.

The Face and Neck Lifting combination (and an eyelid surgery, as well) is the ultimate prerequisite for a natural and balanced result of the renewal of our image. It is the perfect solution against aging.