Cutaneous papillomas or “warts”

We frequently observe on mens’ or women’s neck or armpits some small “warts” that usually hang and give an unsightly image on the neck or neckline.

What are the “warts” or the cutaneous papilomas of torso?

“Warts”, as cutaneous papillomas are often defined in Medicine, are small skin projections like warts (warts) and are typically found in the neck, armpits and the region below the breast on women. Cutaneous papilomas are a frequent phenomenon of almost all ages. They are small lumps that have the color of the skin and project from the skin either having a wide basis or through a small stalk.

What is the cause of warts or cutaneous papilomas of torso?

Today we know that the warts or cutaneous papilomas that appear in torso:


Namely, the cutaneous papilomas are due to a virus group named HPV (Human Papilloma Virus). This is a totally harmless virus group, which has no relation to HPV viruses of the genitals and solely causes small papillomas in areas with chronic skin friction.

When and where do the warts or cutaneous papilomas appear?

It is characteristic that the papillomas mainly appear in areas with chronic skin friction, such as the neck (due to friction with the neckline of the clothes) and crease under the breast or the back line of brassiere.

They grow much more during pregnancy and when they increase in number and size, they tend to proliferate more rapidly and cause very easily people with whom we come into frequent contact (horizontal transmission).

Usually the appearance of papillomas concerns the friction points above the level of the navel and which when grow under the navel there is the possibility of HPV warts more than papillomas.

How are the warts or cutaneous papilomas treated?

First we should note that there is no potable antivirus or external use medicine in order to be relieved from papilomas or to protect us from the propagation of the disease. The treatment of papilomas is only symptomatic.

The best and most effective treatment of papilloma in torso is the application of surgical LASER CO2 and this is why the treatment is absolutely selective and accurate.

Another treatment usually more hurting is electrocautery or cryotherapy.

How is the treatment of warts or cutaneous papilomas in torso performed with LASER CO2?

It is very simple and painless, since we apply at the base of “warts” a local anesthetic drop and then we remove it by the use of LASER CO2.

Using LASER CO2 we sublime the skin alteration that has been “infected by the virus”, achieving a permanent result.

The “warts” or torso cutaneous papillomas never reappear after the application of this treatment.

What should I expect after such a treatment?

After the application of LASER CO2, there is a small injury from the LASER which heals within 3-4 days without leaving any mark on the area.

For even faster recovery we simply recommend the use of antibiotic cream for 3-4 days. After the LASER application, the patient immediately returns to all his/her activities.

The treatment of warts or cutaneous papillomas in the torso with the application of LASER CO2 is:

  • Painless
  • Without inconvenience
  • With fast recovery
  • With permanent results
  • Without leaving any marks